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  1. Mary Laan says:

    Great website! Congratulations.
    I have some questions. I am chair of S.E. WI Move to Amend, and saw Michael Appolito last weekend at the Wisconsin Grassroots Festival. I liked what he said and his messaging! Our group, S.E. WI -MTA is part of the dissenting “Concerned Affiliates” you may have heard about, that Kaitlin wrote everyone a letter about, saying we were interested in “thwarting the MOU” National MTA leadership sent out. Well, not exactly so; we are interested in discussing a more democratic structure. I, for one, was shocked by the authoritarianism of the MOU.
    All this is too long, a prelude to my question: what is your relationship to National MTA? Because I notice you call yourselves CONVERGE TO AMEND, and are not using their logo or name, so it seems you may have some differences with them, also. I would like to discuss this!
    we need some creative ideas of association, and perhaps of disassociation, with national.
    Mary Laan
    414 491 3871

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